The 7 New Laws Home Owners MUst Know To Get Up To 18% More Money When Selling Their Home

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what it takes to sell your home for up to 18% more money than methods of traditional real estate agents.

If all real estate agents were created equally, then every agent would be able to get you top dollar when selling your home. Unfortunately, there's a huge chasm that exists between the traditional real estate agents and the Certified Home Selling Advisor®. The difference is, a Certified Selling Advisor® can get you up to 18% nire for your home.

This report is unlike any other you've seen before. When you are done reading it, you will be crystal clear on what a Certified Home Selling Advisor® looks like, how I can help you get top dollar for your home, and why you should never pick a traditional real estate agent to help you with the sale of your home.

As you read the report you'll discover:

  • Why you need a Certified Home Selling Advisor®, and not just any agent, to help you sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents.
  • Why the typical CMA should not be used to determine the price of your home, and exactly how you should set your price.
  • What it takes to make your house stand out from the competition, drive up demand, and attract a higher officer.
  • The secret Certified Home Selling Advisor® use to help you keep the most amount of equity when you sell.
  • The one critical error agents make when marketing your home that could keep your home from selling at all.
  • How to determine if your home will be targeted to the largest number of qualified buyers - including buyers working with other agents - to get your home sold faster than ever.
  • What mistakes to avoid when hiring an agent and how hiring the wrong one could cost you thousands.


The National Association of Expert Advisors® conducted a nationwide study over the past two years that revealed a proven, repeatable system to sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents. What you will learn in this controversial report has been highly guarded by the real estate industry for over 105 years. You are about to learn what most real estate agents will never tell you about how to sell your home fast, and for the most money.

Let's start with some shocking statistics you may not have known about the real estate industry, and why up to 58.4% of homes go on the market, fail to sell.

  • The average real estate agent only sells 6-8 homes per year.
  • The average real estate agent is only required to take up to 120 hours of training to begin selling real estate.
  • The average real estate agent spends less than $150 per month in the marketing and promotion of their business.
  • The secret Certified Home Selling Advisor® is used to help you keep the most amount of equity when you sell.
  • The average accepted offer an average agent will negotiate is up to 11% below your original asking price.

Do you know the true value of your home right now? More importantly, do you know what it takes to sell your home properly so you extract the maximum amount of equity from it when you sell?

You may or may not know

Either way, it's important that you are aware of this fact: there are essential marketing and negotiation principals hat you must adhere to when getting your home sold for top dollar. Violationg them, or worse, ignoring them, can mean you walk away with less money or having your home not sell at all.

While it's not vital that you understand what it takes to get your home sold for the best price and in the time frame that you want, it's crucial that your agent does. Not being an expert in these areas virtually guarantees failure.

What you'll find this report are the 7 laws that Certified Selling Advisors® have been adhere to with respect to the Expert Advisor Home Selling System™ to get you top dollar for your home.

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Law #1 :: Law of Expertise

Hire a Certified Home Selling Advisor® that has through knowledge of your market.

While the technology that is used in the real estate industry today is extremely current and effective in helping buyers and sellers navigate the overall real estate landscape; the same thing cant be said about the strategies traditionally employed to help you determine the best price at which to sell your home

You see, the same protocol for pricing that's been used for hundreds of years - a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) - is still used today...and it's literally killing sellers' ability to maximize the sales price of their home.

In fact, using a CMA is so detrimental to sellers getting top dollar, that the average sale-to-list price of a home across the country is only 89% — a full 11% less than the asking price and worth about $16,210 to the average home seller in 2011.

The inherent problem with a CMA is that it only takes into consideration the sale of a small sampling of homes in your competitive range, without considering the reason why those homes may or may not have sold at a specific price, e.., condition, loss of job, under-priced, dated interior, a divorce situation, low curb appeal, vacant home, staging.

What does that mean? If the agent is using the CMA to determine how you are going to price your home, they could be using homes that sold for much less than a home in your condition. Since the agent picks the comparable homes, this could skew the market significantly causing you to lose valuable equity.

And that's why the sell-to-list ratio is so low.

$16,210 is a huge chunk of change being left on the table that you won't lose out on when you use a Certified Home Selling Advisory to help you sell your home.

The Law of Expertise states that the only way to increase the value of your home and get top dollar is to make sure you hire an agent who is an expert on your entire real estate market and the factors that will or won't impact the actual sales price of your home.

A Certified Home Selling Advisor®, under the Law of Expertise, will consider as many as 27 separate outside threats to the likelihood that your home will sell at a specific price.

Included in this list of threats are:

  • Economic Indicators — What bearing does the overall local and state economy have on the housing market in your area?
  • Trends Analysis — Are the current market trends more or less favorable for the style, location, demand, etc. for your home?
  • Absorption Rates within Local Market — Is there regular consumption of homes in your local market and if so, how many homes a month are being purchased?
  • Inventory of Short Sale Properties — How many homes are distressed sales, like short sales, in your area and what effect are they having on the overall prices of homes in your market.
  • Rent vs. Buy Trends — Are people more inclined to buy a home or rent property in your market and if so, what is the ratio of rents to purchases in your area?
  • Job Stability in Market/Unemployment — Is there a stable job market in your area or are major employers coming to or leaving your area at the time you want to sell your home?

Understanding these threats and knowing how to communicate them to you is a crucial part of the pricing strategy the Certified Home Selling Advisory employs when getting your home sold.

When pricing your home, the Certified Home Selling Advisory will also do a thorough review of the supply and demand within your marketplace so as to leave no stone unturned when helping you determine the absolute best price for your home.

In reviewing supply and demand, the Certified Home Selling Advisory will consider the total number of homes on the market, entering the market, selling per month in your price range as well as the total number of homes selling per month in your neighborhood.

Then, once your home is listed and priced properly, the Certified Home Selling Advisory will continue to review the overall supply and demand in your market and evaluate the absorption data weekly as new competition comes on the market. Plus, he/she will employ an ongoing system to re-evaluate market conditions until your home sells.

In most situations where a CMA is used, you'll often find that you'll get the price you want, rather than the price you need, to get your home sold. And you'll often get this price without a thorough review of your current situation and the market as a whole.

Using a pricing model like this is akin to your doctor giving you medical advice and treatment solutions without properly defining the specific cause of your illness.

In the medical world, prognosis prior to diagnosis is considered malpractice; and the same can be said about this pricing strategy in the real estate industry.

Law #2 :: Law of Differentiation

A proper differentiation strategy can get you up to 18.6% more for your home.

Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Nowhere does this definition hold more true than in real estate. For decades upon decades, the same strategy has been used to get homes sold — put a sign in your front lawn, enter your property into the MLS and then put an ad in the paper; the hope at this point is that your home is going to sell for top dollar.

In many cases, this strategy falls very short of the objective of getting the best price for your home. In certain situations, it falls miserably short and your home doesn't sell at all. For instance, in 2011 up to 58.4% of homes failed to sell at all.

By adhering to the Law of Differentiation, the Certified Home Selling Advisory gives your home the best chance of selling and attracting the highest offers.

This Law is grounded in the practice of increasing the perceived value of your home by making it stand out — or different — from the competition, and doing so by looking at what drives buyer preference in the local market.

To get the maximum differentiation and up to 18.6% more for your home, the Certified Home Selling Advisor® employs a four-pronged approach:

  1. Expert Staging Advice — Access to a professional staging expert who will consult with you to determine what, if anything, needs improvement in your home to make it show the best while on the market. Market research shows professionally staged homes sell in as little as 30 days and for up to 6-10% more than homes not professionally staged. This is a critical first step in the
    differentiation process.
  2. Quality of Life Upgrade Analysis — In order to drive the perceived value of your home up as high as possible, the Certified Home Selling Advisory will evaluate any possible upgrades required. Then, he/she will recommend, if necessary, any upgrades and help you arrange the lowest price guaranteed on any work needed to complete the required upgrades. Please note that upgrades are not required on all home sales to achieve maximum differentiation.
  3. Professional Pre-Inspection — Knowing what pitfalls you'll encounter with an inspection, and getting them resolved prior to listing your home can save you as much as 2 to 4% in repair costs.
    Subsequently, the Certified Home Selling Advisory helps you get a home inspection to head off any major issues that might come up. In addition to cost savings on repairs, a pre-inspection will reveal any “deal killers” and position your home to attract a higher offer.
  4. Home Warranty — Offering a home warranty to prospective buyers helps your home sell faster and for up to 2.29c more. Additionally, you get coverage on the major mechanical systems in your home while it's on the market to protect you from any unexpected issues that might arise during the listing and selling period. The peace of mind a home warranty offers you and the prospective buyers on your listing is literally priceless.

Differentiation when listing and selling your home is not optional when it comes to helping you get top dollar from your home. A Certified Home Selling Advisory knows how to help you achieve maximum differentiation and capitalize on it to get you up to 18.6% more for your home.

Law #3 :: Law of Exposure

Exposing your home to the largest number of qualified buyers gets you the best possible price for your home.

Building on the principles of the Law of Differentiation; the Law of Exposure seeks to represent the differences your home offers to the largest possible pool of qualified buyers in your market area.

As mentioned previously, the traditional marketing strategy employed in today's market falls woefully short of getting you the exposure you need to attract the largest number of qualified buyers through your home, to get you the right offer for the highest possible price.

One reason that the traditional strategy is still being used today is because of the limited financial resources of the average real estate agent practicing in today's market.

Most agents invest only 10% of their income on marketing and the systems to run their business. With the average real estate agent netting about $25,000 a year as of 2011, he/she only invests about $150 per month to run his/her business, including marketing for your home which is certainly not sufficient to get your home the exposure it needs to attract potential buyers.

With such a small amount allocated to running a business and marketing, it's not hard to seewhy most homes get such little exposure.

Conversely, the Certified Home Selling Advisory allocates a significant portion of his/ her income to running market research proven marketing. Because of this, CertifiedHome Selling Advisors^ make up to 30 times the income of average agents, allowing for a significantly larger amount of money to allocate towards getting your home the exposure that it needs to get you top dollar.

And, not only does the Certified Home Selling Advisory have more resources to invest in getting your home maximum exposure, he/she also has more knowledge of where to market your home to get you the exposure you need.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor® employs a four-pronged knows:

  • That 90% of buyers look for a home on the Internet where more than 918 million websites are accessible and has a top-flight online marketing program.
  • How to tap into the top 5 real estate websites:, Yahoo! Real Estate,, Trulia and Zillow to get the most amount of visitors to his/her site to find your home.
  • That professional photography needs to be used when marketing your home; since the first showing of your home will be online.
  • Professional copy writing strategies to hit the hot buttons that make buyers want your home and then take action to see it.
  • The best ways to target buyers based on their lifestyle, occupation, family, school and safety/security needs.
  • How to track all of the leads and prospects they get for your home and then report the information to you in a useful, structured and meaningful manner.

The success in selling your home and getting the right price lies in the crux of your agent's ability to maximize the exposure of your home to the largest number of qualified buyers with a well-planned differentiation strategy.

Law #4 :: Law of Cooperation

Target agents in your marketplace to increase the flow of buyers to your home.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor® knows the importance of working with other agents in your marketplace, and has a plan that leverages the Law of Cooperation in getting as many agents as possible to sell your home.

There's a common misconception among home sellers that you need to work with a local or neighborhood specific agent in order to get your home sold. The fact of the matter is that71% of homes are sold by co-op agents...making it less than a 30% chance that your agent is going to attract the buyer for your home because he/she is going to be sought out as the local or neighborhood go to guy or gal.

The Law of Cooperation virtually mandates that the Certified Home Selling Advisory have strong, proven strategies for working with and incentivizing agents in your marketplace to show and then sell your listing.

To increase showings from co-op agents, Certified Home Selling Advisory will target buyer specialists in your market, which leads to increased showings from them, a higher profile for your listing among all buyer specialists and an expanded reach and exposure for your home.

As well, the Certified Home Selling Advisory also makes certain that co-op agents are paid a fair portion of the commission that is negotiated to not only get buyer specialists excited about your home, but also to get them to “talk up” your home and position it in front of the stronger agents in your marketplace.

Lastly, the Certified Home Selling Advisor*M offers monetary and other incentives to both co-op agents and prospective buyers when appropriate to increase the excitement about yourhome by both parties when inventory levels are so high, that additional incentives are needed to gain exposure.

Marketing directly to the population of buyers in the marketplace without focusing on the buyer specialists who work with highly qualified buyers can cost you thousands in equity and weeks, even months, on the market.

Be sure that your agent has a plan like this in place to work specifically with co-op agents.

Law #5 :: Law of Buyer Acquisition

Convert buyer leads as quickly as possible to turn them into legitimate buyer opportunities.

At the click of a mouse button, buyers have a tremendous amount of access to information available to them about properties in which they are interested. To that end, they are very finicky and want as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time.

A recent survey noted that you have about 15 minutes to respond to a buyer inquiry, failing to do so would make you be 21 times less likely to get the chance to do business with them.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor® knows this, and has Immediate Response Systems in place to get in touch with buyer prospects within as little as 60 seconds. Which is significantly shorter than the industry average of 16 hours.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor®'s system for responding to and converting buyer leads includes:

  • Immediate Response Systems that offer a live response in 5 minutes or less, 1d hours per day, 7 days per week. ..providing a connect rate that is 106x that offered by the average agent.
  • A Professionally Trained Sales Team that is committed and held accountable to responding to buyer inquiries.
  • Lead Follow Up Systems that have a Top 3 placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing to get the largest amount of buyer lead traffic handled the most efficiently.
  • A Buyer Loyalty Program where more than 40% of the buyer business that comes in is from past clients and sphere of influence.
  • A Coming Soon Listing Program that gets buyers to seek out your listing and want access to your home while you're preparing it for sale.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor® knows that brand loyalty in real estate is among the lowest of all industries and therefore, he/she equips himself/herself with the best buyer lead conversion and retention programs, technology and strategies that the real estate industry has to offer.

This effort results in your home selling more quickly to a qualified buyer than it would with virtually any other agent in your marketplace.

Law #6 :: Law of Negotiation

Negotiation is an art and a science the the Certified Home Selling Advisor® has mastered.

Being a strong negotiator requires a thorough understanding of not only the real estate sales process, but also how to get to from point A to point B without sabotaging your deal.

In many cases, the agent who is representing you in the sale of your home may need to sell your home more than you do. Consequently, his/her negotiation strategies and advice could be biased and can shave thousands of dollars off the proceeds check you receive at closing.

The Certified Home Selling Advisor® is a hired gun — a top-flight negotiator who negotiates from a position of strength — who knows what it takes to get you the results you want.

He/she is a positioning expert who gets your home the attention that it needs and manages the expectations of the co-op agents who bring buyers about what your needs are. The Certified Home Selling Advisor*M always probes the co-op agent to get information about the buyer to make sure you're in the best position to succeed.

Certain laws vary from state to state so be sure to ask your Certified Home Selling Advisor® to explain their representation choices to find what you are most comfortable with.

The Law of Negotiation requires that the Certified Home Selling Advisor® use a Straight Line Negotiation method that ensures your bottom line is safe, and always gives you the ability to walk away if at any time it appears you're not getting what you need.

Additionally, the Law mandates that the Certified Home Selling Advisor® use a Peace Treaty Mindset to seek mutual advantages for you and the buyer in the negotiation and to point out the victories the co-op agent has earned to make negotiation on other, bigger issues easier down the road.

Lastly, the Certified Home Selling Advisor® does everything to manage your expectations upfront to avoid a “rope a dope” move by buyer agents at the last minute to kill the deal. This part of the negotiating process is vital to maintain control over as home inspection results are usually the #1 reason a deal falls apart.

If you're currently speaking with other agents, find out what their negotiation strategy is and see if it measures up to the Law of Negotiation that's adhered to by the Certified Home Selling
Advisor™ .

Law #7 :: Law of Excecution

There's a large gap between saying you'll get something done and actually getting it done.

Overpromising and under delivering are the hallmarks of the average real estate agent. This modus operandi is not very good to count on when it comes to selling your largest investment.

The Law of Execution requires that the Certified Home Selling Advisor® works with a team of qualified specialists to help with your sale from inception to fruition. It also requires that there are systems in place to ensure specialized services in the various areas necessary to get your home sold efficiently and effectively...all while providing you with the world-class service you deserve.

Those teams should be include a:

  • Market Research Team using the appropriate tools needed to look at all the critical data and trends analysis above and beyond what can be found in the MLS.
  • Pre-Listing Team that includes a staging professional, pre-inspection professional, home improvement team, and recommended services for moving and storage.
  • Marketing Team that is comprehensive enough to manage your listing with true professionalism. This team is comprised of listing and marketing coordinator, photographer, sign courier with lead and showing management systems.
  • Closing Team to help make closing effortless. The closing process should have systems in place to manage all parties in the transaction and ensure all work is being done in regard to contract.

No truly successful company on the planet has one person doing everything, including the real estate company you hire. The Certified Home Selling Advisory uses proven systems to handle your needs at every turn.


Getting the most amount of money is not something that is left to chance. It is the result of proven, tested and measured strategies that only a Certified Home Selling Advisory can offer you.

What this really means is that the skills and abilities of your agent are what will get you up to 189c more for your home when it is sold. And, if your agent cannot prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he/she is able to employ a system to get you those results. could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Make sure that you put any agent you interview through his/her paces to guarantee you the best possible results on the sale of your home. It's your biggest investment and you deserve the absolute best when it comes to handling the sale of it. Use the checklist on the next page as a guide for your interview process. If the agent can not articulate their value, call me.

I will put the Expert Advisor Home Selling System® to Work for You! Together, we will position your home to get up to 18% more money by managing the 7 laws and 151 variables that will ultimately effect the sale of your home.

The Expert Advisor Home Selling System® is a tested and proven system that takes the risk out of selling your home and guarantees that you'll get the best price for your home no matter what the market conditions are. The program is employed only by Certified Home Selling Advisors® who have taken the Certified Home Selling Advisory Course through the National Association of Expert Advisors® and is a member in good standing. When you hire a Certified Home Selling Advisor™ , you are hiring someone that represents the top 1% of real estate agents in North America and Canada.

Let me show you how I can sell your home for up to 18% more money!

The 12 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask Any Agent Before Putting Your Home on The Market:

As you are interviewing agents to help sell your home, ask them these questions:

  • What's the difference between marketing and advertising a home and how does this difference affect me?
  • What are the specific elements of your home selling and marketing strategy that affect the selling price and the time my home will be on the market?
  • Do you require a pre-inspection and that my home be staged before I sell? If not, why?
  • With the internet being the first place that most buyers look for a home, can you identify for me the best internet property marketing methods and why they work?
  • What reporting do you make available that show how many unique visitors are seeing my home on the various websites my home will be marketed on with you?
  • Do you have any information that details what home buyers find the most useful when it comes to a property-marketing ad and what motivates buyers to respond to it?
  • Can you identify for me what buyers on the internet say is the number one reason they choose an agent for buying a home they found on the internet? What in your business reflects that you understand this fact?
  • Do you have a marketing budget that outlines how you'll spend your resources to market my home and earn your fee?
  • What is your strategy to attract qualified buyers from the various sources available today and how will you work to attract co-op agents so they show my home over other homes in the market?
  • What is your negotiation strategy and how can I count on you to negotiate from a position of strength than one of weakness? How can you assure me that the home inspection will not “blow up” my
    transaction at the very last minute?
  • Can you identify how your team will work to handle my listing from the minute you take it until the day that it closes? Also, identify for me the different departments of your company and show me how they benefit me in the sale of my home.
  • What do you do, if anything, to ensure that the leads you generate are going to be handled in a timely manner so that we don't miss out on any qualified buyer prospects?