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Learn the facts behind... what it takes to earn 1 million in income in real estate

The Truth Behind Our Success

and why agents & brokers partner with our group.

If all real estate agents were created equally, then every agent would be able to get you top dollar when selling your home. Unfortunately, there’s a huge chasm that exists between the traditional real estate agents and the Certified Home Selling Advisor®. The difference is, a Certified Home Selling Advisor® can get you up to 18% more for your home.

This report is unlike any other you’ve seen before. When you are done reading it, you will be crystal clear on what a Certified Home Selling Advisor® looks like, how I can help you get top dollar for your home, and why you should never pick a traditional real estate agent to help you with the sale of your home.

As you read the report, you’ll discover:

  • Unlimited access to Jay Kinder, Michael Reese  and Albie Stasek (via cell phone) for anything you need - seriously were your business partners.

  •  Lifetime Membership in the National Association of Expert Advisors so you can tap into the proven done for you marketing tools to grow your business.

  • Certified Home Selling Advisor Designation so you are trained to differentiate yourself in the market place and win every listing with our discounting your commission.

  • Certified Home Buying Advisor Designation so you are trained to attract buyers that will run red lights to meet with you and sign representation agreements to hire you.

  • Proven Listing & Buyer Presentations that the best agents and brokers in the industry use to win clients and sell thousands of homes across the country.

  • How to determine if your home will be targeted to the largest number of qualified buyers – including buyers working with other agents – to get your home sold faster than ever.
  • What mistakes to avoid when hiring an agent and how hiring the wrong one could cost you thousands.


The National Association of Expert Advisors® conducted a nationwide study over the past two years that revealed a proven, repeatable system to sell your home for up to 18% more money than the methods of traditional real estate agents. What you will learn in this controversial report has been highly guarded by the real estate industry for over 108 years. You are about to learn what most real estate agents will never tell you about how to sell your home fast, and for the most money.

Let’s start with some shocking statistics you may not have known about the real estate industry, and why up to 34% of homes that go on the market, sold at full price.

  • The average real estate agent only sells 4-5 homes per year.
  • The average real estate agent is only required to take up to 120 hours of training to begin selling real estate.
  • The average real estate agent spends less than $150 per month in marketing and promotion of their business.
  • The average accepted offer an average agent will negotiate is up to 11% below your original asking price.
  • Unlimited access to Jay Kinder, Michael Reese and Al Stasek (via cell phone) for anything you need - seriously, we are your business partners
  • Lifetime membership in the National Association of Expert Advisors so you can leverage our PROVEN, done for you marketing tools to grow your business 
  •  Done for you listing and buyer presentations we’ve used to sell over 6,000 homes so you have a proven system to win clients 
  • Certified home selling advisor designation so you are training on how to win every listing at your price and eliminate discounting forever
  • Certified home buying advisor designation so you have a system of attraction that gets buyers to run red lights to meet with you. 
  • Prospecting Gold, our scripts and dialogues for you or your ISA to make money through outbound prospecting that we used to 272 transactions in 12 months
  • Inside Sales Bootcamp - our 3 day private client course breaking down how to execute outbound callers to scale your business.
  •  Strategic Marketing Masters - our course led by Jay Abraham exclusively for real estate agents
  • 52 Listings in 52 Weeks 
  •  Our done for you marketing and follow up campaigns that generate and convert quality buyer and seller appointments 
  • Buyer agent Training so you don’t have to invest your time training your agents every week 
  •  Agent to CEO Training - our coaching in a box so you have all the systems, processes, and documents to grow your business at your fingertips 
  • Weekly Live Calls with Jay, Michael and Al on what’s working now
  • Weekly interviews with the industries top agents so you can learn exactly what top agents are doing to get business
  • KRU - Kinder Reese University and Inner Circle so you have access to our team of experts in marketing, outbound ISA services, and coaches so you never have to pay for coaching and training again 
  •  Access to all NAEA and Kinder Reese live training events throughout the year for only the price of materials. 
  • Invitation for producers closing 25M or more or with a minimum of 5 agents attracted to our private client mastermind
  • The certainty that you will be as successful as you always imagined

Let me show you how I can sell your home for up to 18% more money!

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